A Girl's Gotta Eat

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Flowers Bring May Breads

Greetings, humans, and sorry for the silence. We've been baking up a storm over here testing out new recipes for spring and turning out special orders. We've loved loved loved meeting some of you at The Farmshop where you'll find Mommy and Daddy weekend mornings dining at the counter. And where am I, you ask? I'm home, all alone save for the pesky c-a-t who refuses to play with me and instead makes the most God-awful hissing noise. What is that?!

But it's difficult to get too upset when spring has sprung and there are roses to be smelled and holes to be dug out in the garden. Mommy and I spend lots of time outside together - I'm her (not so) little helper in the vegetable beds. Anywhere there's food, I'm not too far away :-)

We've also been busy creating some new breads, including scrumptious Vietnamese Coffee Bread w/ Bittersweet Chocolate and Cappuccino Chips and the spectacular new Farmshop Pastrami in the Rye. Can I just say, OMG - it is SO good! A few drops of orange oil, some carraway seeds and the world's best pastrami rolled in to the dough et voila! Incroyable, even to an English Bulldog who is fluent en francais.

So that's it for now. Not too much to report as we spend most of our time in the kitchen. Some of us are busy licking the floor, if you must know.

Until next time, sending you all licks and love,