A Girl's Gotta Eat

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Flowers Bring May Breads

Greetings, humans, and sorry for the silence. We've been baking up a storm over here testing out new recipes for spring and turning out special orders. We've loved loved loved meeting some of you at The Farmshop where you'll find Mommy and Daddy weekend mornings dining at the counter. And where am I, you ask? I'm home, all alone save for the pesky c-a-t who refuses to play with me and instead makes the most God-awful hissing noise. What is that?!

But it's difficult to get too upset when spring has sprung and there are roses to be smelled and holes to be dug out in the garden. Mommy and I spend lots of time outside together - I'm her (not so) little helper in the vegetable beds. Anywhere there's food, I'm not too far away :-)

We've also been busy creating some new breads, including scrumptious Vietnamese Coffee Bread w/ Bittersweet Chocolate and Cappuccino Chips and the spectacular new Farmshop Pastrami in the Rye. Can I just say, OMG - it is SO good! A few drops of orange oil, some carraway seeds and the world's best pastrami rolled in to the dough et voila! Incroyable, even to an English Bulldog who is fluent en francais.

So that's it for now. Not too much to report as we spend most of our time in the kitchen. Some of us are busy licking the floor, if you must know.

Until next time, sending you all licks and love,

Saturday, January 28, 2012

We're Having a Heat Wave

or maybe it's a hot flash. It's so hard to distinguish between the two.

Greetings, humans! It's hot hot hot in LA and it feels like spring has sprung. The jasmine is blooming, the wisteria is flowering and all I want to do is dig holes and burrow outside under a bush. It's a dog's life, I tell you.

This is my fourth weekend at The Farmshop and I'm so excited to introduce everyone to my new friend, Hannah (see photo below). Hannah, it was so much fun meeting you and your little brother - I hope you liked the bread. Please send love and licks to your parents for me!

It's been another busy week in the kitchen, trying out new breads and I think I just may have two new winners. The first is Farmshop Pastrami in Rye, which Daddy insists on calling Pastrami in the Rye but sadly, no one laughs. I rolled the pastrami into a dark Swedish rye with molasses, cocoa powder, fennel seed and a splash of orange oil. I now understand the origin of the word delicious - DELI - and so it was. The second is Rocky Road Bread (see photo below), which tastes remarkably like the ice cream, just a lot warmer. OMG, the bread oozes marshmallow and chocolate - it could really make a bully blow her diet if she were so inclined... which she is :-)

So please visit The Farmshop this weekend to try my breads, including Almond Butter & Nutella Loaf, Peanut Butter & Bittersweet Chocolate Loaf, Chocolate Curry Bread, Pancetta w/ Red Chile Flakes, Cottage Cheese w/ Dill, Peanut Butter & Jelly Loaf w/ Strawberry Preserves, Mexican Hot Chocolate Bread (caliente!) and Steccas w/ Artichoke Hearts, Tarragon & Sea Salt. Wait, I'm drooling.

That's it from sunny Santa Monica. Mommy, Daddy and I are sending huge hugs and prayers to Adrian, who is back at City of Hope. Please please pretty please come back with clean biopsy results and I will bake you any bread you'd like!

As always, love and licks to all,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Giants Sunday

Greetings, humans, and can I just say GO GIANTS! What's a bully to do except root root root for the home team, and since Mommy is from New York, I must swallow my pride and support the Giants. Yes, I know, ultimately they will break our hearts and blow it, but for one brief shining moment, they look kind of good!

Other than football, it's been a busy weekend and I've been working like a dog. Wait, I am a dog. Okay, Mommy's been working like a dog. We delivered 26 breads to The Farmshop, including Pancetta w/ Chile Flakes, Asiago Cheese, Almond Butter & Nutella, Peanut Butter & Bittersweet Chocolate, and Steccas w/ Roasted Artichoke Hearts, Tarragon & Sea Salt. If you purchased one (and liked it!), please leave me a comment so I know you're out there. Sometimes it's lonely in cyberspace.

Big experiment tonight - prepping a new bread - Pastrami w/ Roasted Onions and Apples. Tomorrow we're going to prep Farmshop Pastrami and Rye. Eager to see which one is the winner and more than happy to snarf up all the pastrami scraps along the way.

And that's all the news that's fit to blog. Mommy hopes to see you at The Farmshop next Saturday - she's usually there between 10:30 and 11AM for the drop-off, then she and Daddy eat their second breakfast without yours truly :-( We have got to get me an emotional support dog vest!

Love and licks to all,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Argh. I hate resolutions. Especially the ones my parents make for me. Yes, you guessed it, I am officially on a diet. Must be all the bread Daddy sneaks me, but really, can you blame a girl for loving Mommy's breads?!

Greetings, humans. Me again. Bella the bulldog. Today is a big day in our house because it's the first day we are selling our breads at The Farmshop LA in the Brentwood Country Mart! We love The Farmshop. We love eating there. We love shopping there. And we sure hope people there will love us! We are delivering Almond Butter & Nutella loaves (see photo below), Asiago Bread (see photo below), Chocolate Curry Bread (see photo below), and Peanut Butter & Jelly Loaves with Apricot Preserves. Wait, I'm drooling. The house smells divine and there's nary a scrap for a bully. It's a sham, I tell you. This must be how Charles Barkley feels. Lose like a man? Puh-lease.

Other than the dreaded diet, all is well. Mommy's doctor is still tapering her off the immune suppressant drugs, but she is getting oh-so-close to a Tanqueray & Tonic with a double wedge of lime that she says she almost smell it. Daddy has been riding his bike again, which is good for his head. I don't really know what that means, because his head always looks the same to me.

And that's the big news from Santa Monica. Time for my morning trot through the canyon, then errands and a big snooze before lunch, my favorite part of the day. I think we're having Breakfast Pizza tonight for supper (see photo below), and I'm quite sure my endearing expression and adorable pawing will convince Daddy to sneak me a piece or three.

Hope you're having better luck with your resolutions than I am with mine!
Love and licks to all,